Are you making LinkedIn videos these days? A growing number of entrepreneurs are jumping on the video bandwagon.

It’s really interesting to see how LinkedIn has suddenly emerged as a video platform. LinkedIn has come a long way from being a place where recruiters hunted for candidates, while the rest of the world didn’t pay much attention.

You have to wonder why there is growing interest in LinkedIn and why it has become the platform for many many entrepreneurs.

LinkedInAnd I think it’s happening for a few reasons.

Number one is that LinkedIn made it easy to upload videos. This simple change made it more accessible, more user-friendly, and a lot of people are starting to embrace LinkedIn as a video platform. I’m using LinkedIn a lot more these days than Facebook and Twitter.

Number two is that video production doesn’t have to be high-quality. I think we’ve come to a point in time where people realize that video is a powerful medium but videos don’t have to be made in a studio. You don’t need great lighting or great microphones. All you need is an iPhone, a background, and my “technology” is a tripod. People are filming videos in their offices, they are making videos while they walk around, or they are making videos in their cars, even while driving.

That’s the beauty of LinkedIn videos is that people are looking for insight, guidance, thought leadership, and information. I don’t think at this point time there’s a big concern about good production quality, although that could change.

Number three, I think that LinkedIn has provided people with an easy form for communicating with the world. It used to be that blogging was how we communicated. 15 years ago, I jumped into the blogging ecosystem and I was a prolific blogger. I blogged nearly every single day but the problem with blogging is you have to be a good writer, you have to think about what you’re going to write about, and you have to develop your ideas, otherwise, you don’t get a lot of traction.

LinkedIn is different. A lot of people can talk in front of a camera and I think it’s a lot easier for people to get their thoughts out to the world.

The fourth thing about LinkedIn that makes it an exciting video platform is people are engaged. A lot of people are commenting on videos, which is amazing because you don’t see comments on blogs these days.

People are sharing and liking videos and I think people are excited that the community is really involved are really engaged with the video content. When you’re making videos and putting in the effort to do thought leadership, you want the community involved in what you’re doing. You want to see that you’re making an impact and I think the fact that so many people are engaged with videos is probably one of the most exciting things. It’s one thing to make content; it’s another thing when it resonates. When you add all these things together, you can see why more people are embracing LinkedIn video.

For my B2B consulting clients, making videos on LinkedIn is of the things that I’m recommending these days. I have a client who’s not doing much marketing, and I said to him “Listen, you got to start making videos on LinkedIn. it can be once a week or twice a week. Just do it”. When I  told him how it worked, he said, “Well, maybe I should make some videos”. It was interesting to see an entrepreneur who’s not really into marketing look at LinkedIn in a new and exciting way and see him realize that videos can make a real impact.

If you’re not making videos on LinkedIn, think about how you can deliver thought leadership and deliver valuable information. If you are making videos, you’re on the right track. Years ago, I saw the potential of bloggers and now I see the potential of LinkedIn.

Here’s a video version of this blog post: