To blog or not to blog, that is the question facing many B2B companies.

Now, these days content marketing is all the rage. Every brand is publishing content. Every brand is looking to capture the spotlight. And blogging, in many ways, has taken a backseat to things like Instagram and Linkedin and video.

While blogging isn’t sexy, it’s a marketing workhorse. Here are four reasons why B2B company should consider blogging.

Number one is inspiration.

bloggingWithin every company, there are lots of ideas, energy, and excitement about what people are doing and where the market’s going.

A blog is a great vehicle for marketing, sales, customer service, and senior executives to capture ideas and put them out into the world.

It shows prospects and customers what you’re thinking, what you’re excited about, and what you want to share with others. If you want to capture the excitement and the energy of your employees, a blog is a great vehicle to do that.

Number two is education.

These days, prospects want to be educated. They want to be nurtured. They want to be convinced that your solution is the best within an ultra-competitive marketplace. Every marketplace is chock-a-block with competitors. So how do you show them that you understand their needs and pains and that your solution can meet their expectations? A blog is a great way to make that happen.

A blog can feature videos, photos or text that shows prospects what your solution does and how it works. It can show them how your product meets their needs and interests, and how it is better than the competition.

The more you educate prospects and customers, the more comfortable and confident they’re going to feel about doing business with you and keep on doing business with you.

The third reason to blog is thought leadership.

I talk to a lot of clients about how they need to rise above the crowd and be seen as industry leaders. If you establish yourself as a thought leader, that will give you a competitive edge. It will allow you out to outflank rivals and differentiate your brand.

The fourth reason for blogging is probably the most tactical of all. That’s SEO.

Search is the way that people research and purchase products and solutions to solve their problems. The more that you blog, the more that your blog is SEO optimized, the better chances of ranking high in terms of a SEO.

People like Neil Patel, for example, are big advocates of SEO. They contend that if you have great content (and the key is having really good content), you can optimize it for search so it is search friendly.

In my new book, Marketing Spark, there’s a chapter specifically looking at blogging and offers strategic and tactical and guidance and tools to have a blog that engages, educates and entertains.

If you’re thinking about blogging or looking to jump-start a blog, here’s some inspiration.

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