Is good enough good enough?

It’s an intriguing question that popped up recently when I went to buy oven mitts for my wife’s birthday. (Yes, there were other gifts!)

The first destination was a large kitchen store where they sell everything. The oven mitts, made from silicon, were $15 each. That’s $30 for a pair of plastic gloves!

So, that was a no-go.

The next stop was the Dollar Store, where I bought the same type of oven mitts for $4.

Here’s the thing: I know the $30 oven mitts are better quality, and they will last longer, but in this case, good enough was good enough.

As a marketer, the landscape is chock-a-block with good enough.

Blog posts that are clearly written for SEO rather than to deliver insight.

eBooks that offer some value but they feature nothing ground-breaking or new.

Videos shot with an iPhone and a microphone that’s six feet away from the subject.

“Good enough” content passes the sniff test because brands operate in a fast-moving, disposable world in which quantity overshadows quality.

This approach is about generating as much content as possible to satisfy the SEO algorithms and overwhelm prospects who eventually capitulate and look at your content….or the so the theory goes.

The upside, however, is the bar is so low that it can easily be surpassed by brands willing to invest the time, energy or money to create good or excellent content.

By injecting some creativity, research, and editorial polishing, it is easy for content to ride high above the pack and be more than simply good enough.