Many people are now working from home due to COVID-19. Before jumping back into the world of cubicles, I spent 10 years #WFH as a consultant. Here are some tips.

– Take a shower. It’s easy to head downstairs for coffee and then slide into the home office.

– Get dressed. No, a tracksuit doesn’t count. When you look professional, you act professionally. 

– Eat breakfast & lunch. Breakfast is the most important meal of the deal. Lunch is a good to take a break, catch up on the news, and connect with family and friends.

– Take coffee/tea breaks. Put a “Starbucks” label on your coffee maker and it’ll just like being at work. Resist the temptation to sit at your desk all day. 

– Define “working hours”. WFH is not a 24/7 proposition simply because you’re at home all day. Separate work from personal. When you’re working, work, and establish rules of engagement (no visits from family members, etc.)

– Establish daily goals and start with the biggest priorities. Write’em down and display them prominently. As well, be good to yourself as far as achieving daily goals. Not everything is going to get done but that’s okay.

– Be disciplined with social media and email. Twitter and your inbox will happily exist for hours without you. Twitter, in particular, can be a time-suck….and I’m talking from first-hand experience! 

– Take care of your body (aka drink water, exercise, meditate). There are many excellent (and free) workout Websites e.g.

Be well, Wash your hands frequently. Practice social distance or isolation.