Hey, Where’s My Venice Project Invite?

So, there’s tons of buzz about the Venice Project – Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis’ new start-up to disrupt the television industry – now that beta invitations have finally been extended. While I haven’t got my invitation yet (sniff, sniff), Om Malik has the inside story on the company’s strategic direction from Fredrik de Wahl, who is running the company.

Wi-Fi Woes at CES

Kevin Restivo has emerged from the bowels of the Las Vegas Convention Centre with a sad tale about Wi-Fi connectivity during CES. Over to you Kevin, who promises to provide us with some insight into the cool gadgets and devices he saw at CES during our Talking Tech podcast tomorrow.

Dave Dobbin where are you?
The International Consumer Electronics Show (and Las Vegas for that matter) should have consulted the Toronto Hydro Telecom president before it built a Wi-Fi system in the media and analyst room at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

It’s been difficult at the best of times to log on all week. The show organizers have compensated by installing extra Lenovo computers pre-loaded with (what else?) the new Vista operating system. It’s still not much of a solution for Mac users such as myself, who need access to the iChat messaging application and .mac service. The city overall needs reliable wireless Internet access.

A Microsoft product manager during a recent presentation at the Orleans Hotel (where I’m staying) basically had to stop his presentation of a new MSN service because he couldn’t log on.
To be fair, the city’s infrastructure has been stretched because of the 150,000 extra inhabitants this week. At the Sands and Venetian hotels, where part of CES is being held, access has been better.

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We (the Blogosphere) Stand on Guard for Thee (Apple, Google, et al)

When the bandwagon starts rolling when do you decide to jump on? To be specific, when news such as Apple’s new iPhone or Cisco suing Apple for the use of iPhone name emerges does it make sense to blog on it when a post frenzy has already happened. In other words, how much additional value can anyone offer that hasn’t already been written? Some people such as Rick Segal and Dave Taylor have decided to wait a day or so to give themselves some time to think before offering their insights/thoughts as opposed to piling on the news.

Taylor, for example, made some excellent points about Microsoft’s controversial decision to give bloggers free laptops with the new Vista operating system several days after the news broke. After the hue and cry had settled down about whether giving away laptops was ethical, Taylor took a different approach by calculating the amount of money that Microsoft spent giving away the laptops (approx. $150,000) and why Microsoft decided to go that route rather than give away 7,500 copies of Vista for the same price.

The answer, according to Taylor, is “
Microsoft Vista is in fact a bear to install and has prohibitive hardware requirements. That’s the only conclusion I can draw, because if it were a breeze to upgrade from WinXP to Windows Vista, with all your apps backwards compatible, all your data intact, and all your files untouched, you’d be happy to install Vista on your existing PC and enjoy the new OS.”

Maybe Taylor’s wait and write approach is the way to go. Of course, this means you risk missing out on being part of the news/conversation as it happens, but it also gives bloggers the opportunity to perhaps offer some much-needed insight rather than a quick reaction.

Note: I’m trying a different format for my posts by separating the paragraphs after a friend suggested the the wide text column was difficult to read. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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