Messaging, Brand Positioning

core messagingAt a time when consumers are time-strapped and multi-tasking, good stories and strong messaging let brands effectively articulate what they do, the value of their products, and the customers being served.

Your Challenges:

  • You struggle to effectively tell target audiences what you offer and why they should be interested in your products.
  • The stories told by employees are different and confusing, making it difficult to get everyone on the same page.
  • Your content (Website, marketing and sales collateral, etc.) is unclear and unfocused and fails to engage potential customers.


  • A clear and well-articulated story that lets people quickly and easily understand what you do and the value.
  • A coherent and consistent story that is effectively told in different places: your Website, videos, one-pagers, presentations, etc.
  • A story that establishes a unique positioning within the competitive landscape.

What you get:

  • A multi-step process that involves in-depth discussions, research and analysis into your company, products and marketplace.
  • A package of deliverables that includes value propositions, key benefits, elevator pitch and boilerplate that form the foundation for marketing and sales collateral.
  • A competitive analysis that identifies the messaging of rivals, which makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd.

What my clients say:
“Mark took our vision and value proposition and re-shaped our language into a core messaging document we can use for our marketing collateral. His research into the subject and detail notes were highly valued. I would highly recommend Mark for startups shaping their messaging.” – Amit Jhas, Lucova CEO

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